Ed Averill -- Senior Software Engineer
8815 SW Oxbow Terrace
Beaverton, OR 97008

Apply knowledge of C, Java, Smalltalk to embedded and/or networked products.

Date of Availability: Negotiable 

12/2002 - current JPrise, Inc
  Staff Software Engineer

Website development in mix of languages including PHP, Javascript, Java

Software testing using C#, and Visual Basic and Razorcat Tessy

Helped  Develop application to remotely control a telescope in C and Java.

    Helped  Develop application to control pick and place machine.
    Developed telescope camera driver for Linux.
    Developing applicatoin to merge two overlapping genealogy databases.
    Developed application to install software into medical product.
12/1999 - 9/2002 Oresis Communications, Inc Beaverton, OR
  Staff Software Engineer
    Team Lead for group of 6 engineers developing fault tolerance features for telephone voice/data tandem switch using VxWorks on distributed, real-time, PowerPC system.    
    Provided software that switched from one master controller to a standby master controller with only microseconds of lost traffic.    
    Provided software that switched from one line card to another with under 50 milliseconds of lost traffic.    
    Developed fault handling framework handling hardware exceptions, software exceptions, and software declared faults, resulting in transfer of control and traffic from active module to standby module.    
1/1999 - 9/1999 NewMonics, Inc, Ames, IA
    Researched debugging tools for real-time embedded Java ("PERC").    
6/1977 - 11/1998 Tektronix Portland, Oregon
  Senior Software Engineer
    Every product I worked on was a major success and source of income for Tektronix:    
  Contributions to TDS7000 series (Digital Oscilloscopes):
    OO Analysis using Schler-Mellor / UML training and tools.
    Realtime dataflow control of waveform processing system using SDL    
    Java simulation of user interface    
  Contributions to TDS400,500,600,700 (Digital Oscilloscopes):
    Embedded Java applications    
    4 patents    
    Human interface design using focus groups and human factors analysis    
    Negotiated VxWorks as OS    
    Embedded Smalltalk for high-level functionality    
    New waveform display system    
  Contributions to 2220, 2221, 2230, 2231, 2232 (mixed Analog/Digital oscilloscope)
    Early adopter of C for embedded programming.    
    Wrote embedded OS    
    Designed high-speed vector displaysystem    
    Lead software design group    
  Contributions to 2465 controllable analog oscilloscope
    Designed beam-sharing display system    
    Coordinated and participated in design of GPIB control option of oscilloscope    
  6/1988 U. of Oregon US-OR-Eugene --MBA
  1981,2 Oregon State University -- Graduate courses in CS
  1977 University of Nebraska -- Graduate courses in Electrical Engineering
  6/1976 University of Nebraska US-NE-Lincoln --Bachelor's Degree
    BS Electrical Engineering with mix of control systems, digital control systems, digital logic, and analog design.    

6/1978 - Present ACM Member
6/1975 - Present IEEE Member

Skill Name Skill Level Last Used Experience
Object-Oriented Design Intermediate Currently used 15 years
Embedded Real-Time C Intermediate Currently used 20 years
Java Intermediate 3 years ago
starting to use for Android development
5 years