Ed  Averill's Point Of View

My goodness!

It is shameful that the human race can be so smart as to be able to ignore it's own science.

On the one hand, our uncertainty in understanding consequences of change are large.  Speculations on where the "tipping point" is abound.

On the other hand, how do you want to find out?

It's a lot like having a huge log hanging out over the grand canyon, and shimmying out the log to see how far over the edge you can safely go.  We as a race are trying to earn one huge Darwin Award.

Clearly, we should be quickly developing policy and enforcing actions that reduce CO2 production ASAP.

People that stand in the way of that and/or obfuscate the knowledge we have that shows the necessity of doing that are either sub-human, or as an adjective, "human" has become derogatory.